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Kar Hospital

David is our Chief of Surgery (kind of a Dr. House for cars...but with a better bedside manner).  David has been with Kar Hospital from day 1 (he owns the joint) and he has been working on vehicles for over 30 years.  David is a L1 Master Technician (this means he is really focused and smart) and he works on the hard to fix cars.  David grew up in Oak Forest with 7 brothers and sister.  David was his Dad's shadow, often helping him fix the family car.

David is very active in our community.  He donates time to help foster the growth of young mechanics through Ford & AAA's High School Competition, is on the committee for the certification of local school ASE training programs and is on the board at the Harriet & Joe Foster YMCA.  David also invented a safety step to help mechanics work on trucks and help senior citizens with mobility problems.  www.ShureStep.com

Derek is our Lead Surgeon.  Derek started with Kar Hospital when he was in high school.  Upon graduation he entered the GM training program and he specialized in Land Rover repairs.  We were lucky enough to woe him back in 2010 and couldn't be more pleased!  Derek is not only a native Houstonian, but he grew up here in Garden Oaks!  

Derek married his high school sweetheart and they have 2 active boys.  If you visit Kar Hospital and you wonder who Derek is, he's the one with shaved head and easy laugh!

My name is Buffy and I'm the Chief of Staff.  I love my job because I'm in charge of keeping you and the staff happy. I keep the shop organized and productive and I also get to do all of the fun stuff like plan parties and write newsletters!

David & I have 3 children: Creston, Gracie & May.  Creston lives in Alaska with his Mom and Gracie and May keep our home hopping.  We really appreciate your business because that is what supports our family and helps us help our community.

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