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Kar Hospital

Upon entering the Kar Hospital you will almost always be greeted by me, Buffy.  I will ask lots of questions about what your vehicle is doing/not doing and have you fill out a diagnostic questionnaire (so that the technician will know exactly why your car is visiting).  I will record what you say and how you describe the car's problem because nobody knows your car better than you.  If your vehicle is making a funny noise, then be prepared to go for a ride with a mechanic so we can be sure to find the right noise.  If your vehicle will require testing then we will speak about probable charges and what to expect from the testing process.  If you live or work within a 3 mile radius I will be happy to take you home. 

I should call you before 2pm to let you know about the progress on your vehicle.  Most times this call will be a discussion of what test(s) were run, results of the test and advice on how to proceed with your vehicle repair or maintenance.  Sometimes the call is just to let you know that your vehicle has not yet made it in to see the doctor yet...either way you will know what is going on with your vehicle.  We know that it is hard not to worry about your car, but rest assured, your vehicle is in the best of care at the Kar Hospital.  David and Richard (your technicians) have been working on cars for over 30 years.  Your car will be attended to by real professionals, not some kid right out of school.

The next phone call will be to let you know that your vehicle is ready or to let you know that your vehicle will be spending the night. While most repairs are finished the same day, some problems require more time to fix or find. If your vehicle is one of the "hard ones" or is affected by a "hard to find/fix" problem, we will call you when the problem is discovered.

When you come to pick up your vehicle, Buffy will go over the bill with you and show you the bad parts (if applicable).  She will answer all of your questions and ultimately hand over the keys!  All major credit cards are accepted and we still take cash!

From this point on your vehicle is considered a patient and will have its own file.  This file includes baseline tests, doctor notes and all operations.  This file will help you plan for your next visit, increase resale value and ultimately keep your vehicle running, trouble free for a long time.

If you would like to schedule an appointment please call me (713)688-0805.  If you have questions please e-mail me KarHospital@hotmail.com KarHospital.com

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