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The doctors at the Kar Hospital can work on just about anything.  David and Derek grew up working on Fords and Chevys.  Then came the Asian vehicle, then European and Derek knows an awful lot about Land Rovers.  Dave became fascinated with PowerStroke Diesels in 2000.  Our technicians have invested a lot of time learning about the different systems on vehicles and are known around town as the emission repair expert.

We've learned to stay away from BMW, VW and SAAB check engine lights, ABS systems and air bags.  We simply do not have enough clients that drive these vehicles to warrant investing in the needed diagnostic equipment.

We are able to fix your vehicle if it won't run, runs bad, won't stop, stutters, hiccups or generally acts naughty.  We work on every system including brakes, charging/starting system, ABS (antilock brake) system, air bag system, air conditioning and heating, check engine light, automatic & manual transmission, CV axles, differentials, power steering system, mirrors, windows, lights, cooling system, computer, door locks & handles, driveshafts, engine & driveability, four wheel drive, exhaust, evaporative system, fuel injection, scheduled maintenance, oil changes, power windows, radiators, seat belts, state inspections, steering and suspension and tune ups.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment please call (713)688-0805.@hotmail.com.

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